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Intracom Telecom Boosts Open Fiber FWA to 1 Gbps Speeds in Italy

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In Short:

Athens-based Intracom Telecom tested their Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology in Italy, delivering 1 Gbps download speeds at 5 km distance in collaboration with Open Fiber. The FWA network operates at 28 GHz, providing rapid deployment in areas with minimal infrastructure. Intracom Telecom’s advanced FWA platforms support dynamic capacity allocation and automated service provisioning. Open Fiber has been using FWA for rural connectivity in Italy since 2019.

Open Fiber FWA Achieves 1 Gbps Speeds in Italy With Intracom Telecom
Athens-based networking equipment and solutions vendor Intracom Telecom announced that its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology achieved 1 Gbps download speeds at a distance of 5 km in field tests conducted at one of Italian wholesale operator Open Fiber‘s commercial sites in Puglia, Southern Italy. This achievement was shared as part of the company’s recent extension of collaboration with Open Fiber.

FWA Technology for Rural Connectivity

Intracom Telecom reported that their WiBAS G5 dual-BS hub and G5 GigaConnect terminals operating at 28 GHz demonstrated exceptional performance, delivering 1 Gbps speeds at a 5 km distance. The FWA network is currently deployed and operated at 28 GHz.

FWA technology allows for quick deployment in areas with limited telecommunication infrastructure. The WiBAS G5 platforms are designed to provide Gigabit connectivity over extended ranges with high-quality service.

Additionally, Intracom Telecom highlighted that their FWA platforms feature advanced algorithms for dynamic capacity allocation, enabling maximum concurrent subscriber connections and employing automations for efficient terminal installation and service provisioning.

Partnership with Open Fiber

Intracom Telecom expressed optimism in supporting Open Fiber’s efforts to bring Gigabit connectivity to rural areas in Italy. They believe that this partnership will serve as a model for other organizations looking to integrate FWA technologies into their network expansion strategies, thereby contributing significantly to achieving EU directives for Gigabit connectivity in the future.

Open Fiber FWA

Open Fiber has been utilizing FWA for rural networks in Italy since 2019, with plans to expand deployment across eight provinces following the “Italia 1 Giga” tender award in 2022.

Intracom Telecom has been supplying and supporting networks in Italy since 2014, specializing in Ultra-Broadband Internet connectivity for rural residential subscribers. Their WiBAS FWA products are already operational worldwide, including in Italy, where they have implemented over 50 networks, with 10 specifically in Italy.

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