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Infinera’s New 1.6 Tbps ICE-D Intra-Data Center Optics Solution

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In Short:

Infinera has launched a new high-speed module for optical transport in data centers using monolithic indium phosphide technology. The module allows connectivity at 1.6 terabits per second with reduced cost and power usage. The company’s ICE-D technology combines multiple functions onto a single chip, reducing power per bit by up to 75%. This aims to support the growing demand for high-capacity intra-data center connectivity driven by AI applications.

Infinera Introduces 1.6 Tbps Intra-Data Center Optics Solution
Infinera, a specialist in optical networking solutions, has introduced a high-speed module for optical transport within data centers utilizing monolithic indium phosphide (InP) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology. This module is capable of providing connectivity at speeds of 1.6 terabits per second (Tb/s) while reducing cost and power consumption per bit.

Advancing Intra-Data Center Connectivity

Infinera highlighted that its intra-data center optical connectivity technology offers highly integrated solutions by combining various optical functions onto a single monolithic chip. This technology is part of Infinera’s intra-data center optics product line, ICE-D.

“The ICE-D test chips are currently available and have demonstrated a significant reduction in power consumption per bit, up to 75 percent, alongside an increase in connectivity speed,” stated the official release.

The product from Infinera aims to decrease power consumption per bit by 75 percent in AI-driven interconnection scenarios while boosting connectivity speed. The company also mentioned that ICE-D intra-data center optics are adaptable for integration into different intra- and campus data center optical solutions.

Infinera applied its expertise in optical connectivity solutions to address the challenge of economically scaling intra-data center connectivity to accommodate the increasing demand for bandwidth from AI applications.

“Our unique monolithic InP PIC technology positions us well to develop innovative technologies that offer cost- and power-efficient, high-capacity intra-data center connectivity solutions,” said Infinera.

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