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Haryana allows stilt plus 4th floor in residential areas, with conditions

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In Short:

Haryana government has approved the construction of stilt-plus-four (S+4) buildings in residential areas after a ban of 16 months. Owners can now sell independent floors as well. This decision aims to accommodate more people who can’t buy property. Approval must be taken from neighbors before construction. This move is expected to boost real estate in Gurugram, where the demand for housing has been high. Penalty will be imposed on those who have constructed S+4 homes without approval.

Good News for Homeowners in Haryana!

After a long wait of 16 months, the Haryana government has finally given the green light for the construction of stilt-plus-four floors (S+4) buildings in residential areas where the layout plan supports four dwelling units per plot or a density of 18 persons per plot. This means owners can now sell independent floors too!

Decision Before Polls

This decision couldn’t have come at a better time, with the state assembly elections looming in the near future.

Accommodating More People

Town and Country Planning Minister Jai Parkash Dalal shared that this move aims to accommodate more people who may not be able to afford an entire property on their own.

Relief for Property Owners

Santhosh Kumar, Vice Chairman at the Anarock Group, expressed relief over the decision, mentioning that many constructed buildings were put on hold for occupancy certificates following the ban. “These ready buildings were awaiting the approval,” he said.

Neighbor Approval Required

While the construction is now permitted, it can only proceed with prior consent from neighbors. Dalal emphasized the importance of neighbor’s permission, stating that in case of refusal, space equivalent to 6 feet or 1.8 meters must be left on that side.

Boost to Gurugram Real Estate

Kumar from Anarock also noted that this move could be a game-changer for Gurugram’s real estate market. With rising housing demand in the area, this step is expected to boost the supply of new homes, providing more options for buyers.

According to Anarock Research, Gurugram’s residential inventory as of June 2024-end was around 35,540 units, which is 37% lower than the same period in 2019.

Penalties for Unauthorized Constructions

As per a report by Hindustan Times, the state government will penalize those who have built S+4 homes without approved building plans. They will have 90 days to pay a penalty, which will be 10 times the normal rate for unauthorized construction, to obtain approval certificates.

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