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Government to help finance 18 satellite launches in public-private partnership model

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In Short:

The Centre aims to boost demand in the private space sector by offering incentives like public-private partnerships for earth observation satellites. They plan to fund 18 satellite launches and create a company for sharing satellite data. Generating new applications for satellite data is key to increasing demand. Private firms are also entering the market, aiming for 30 small rocket launches in the near future.

Government Incentives Boosting Private Space Sector

In a bid to stimulate demand for the domestic private space sector, the Indian government is rolling out a host of incentives. These measures aim to bolster the space industry’s capabilities and kickstart innovative projects.

Incentives Include Public-Private Partnerships

Pawan Goenka, chairman of In-Space, recently revealed plans for a public-private partnership model for earth observation satellites. This initiative will provide funding and support to private companies looking to launch 18 satellites.

Additionally, the government is offering incentives for satellite launches using Indian rockets from domestic launchpads. These incentives are designed to promote local innovation and create new opportunities in the space sector.

Nurturing New Space Services

In a move to further spur growth in the industry, a nodal space data organization is in the works. This entity will facilitate data dissemination and access, ultimately benefiting multiple stakeholders in the space ecosystem.

Generating Demand Through Innovation

S. Somanath, chairman of Isro, emphasized the importance of creating new applications that leverage satellite data. By exploring innovative uses for satellite technology, the industry can drive demand for satellite manufacturing and launch services.

Goenka highlighted the need to expand beyond traditional applications like satellite communications. By fostering a culture of innovation and visibility in the space sector, the government aims to unlock new growth opportunities.

Unlocking Opportunities in Space

Recognizing the potential for ground station and satellite services, In-Space is paving the way for private sector involvement in these areas. By enabling commercial ground stations and satellite services, the industry can access new revenue streams and fuel growth.

Embracing Commercial Space Economy

The recent space launch contract between Australian startup Space Machines and Isro’s commercial arm underscores the growing opportunities in the commercial space sector. By partnering with private entities and fostering collaboration, India aims to create a robust commercial space economy.

Pixxel, Galaxeye, and Digantara are among the local entities vying for a share of the satellite manufacturing and services market. This competition highlights the dynamic nature of the emerging space industry in India.

Envisioning a Future of Small Rocket Launches

With expectations of nearly 30 small rocket launches in the next two years, the space industry is poised for rapid growth. The development of new launch vehicles and dedicated launch pads will further enhance India’s capabilities in the space domain.

Skyroot Aerospace and Agnikul Cosmos are set to host their second rocket launches, signaling a wave of new developments in the industry. The upcoming privatization bid for SSLV underscores the increasing privatization and commercialization of space activities.

By fostering innovation, collaboration, and investment in the space sector, India is positioning itself as a key player in the global space economy.

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