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Foxconn introduces rotating CEO role, Apple supplier announces changes

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In Short:

Taiwan’s Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, has implemented a rotating chief executive system to develop future leaders and boost corporate governance. Chairman Young Liu stated the importance of succession planning for sustainable development. Leaders from core businesses will take on the role, excluding major subsidiaries. This move signifies a shift from the previous one-man rule system under founder Terry Gou.

Foxconn Implements Rotating CEO System to Develop Future Talent

Taiwan’s prominent electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, has initiated a rotating chief executive system to enhance its management structure and groom potential successors, as confirmed by chairman Young Liu.

Recent reports revealed that Foxconn was contemplating the introduction of a rotating CEO system to enhance corporate governance by separating the CEO and chairperson roles and fostering future leadership.

Chairman Liu’s Explanation

In response to inquiries in Taipei, Liu emphasized the importance of succession planning for sustainable development. He mentioned that the rotating CEO system aims to cultivate future talents within the organization.

Foxconn has designated an executive from its core businesses, such as smartphones and personal computers, to assume the role of rotating CEO. However, the specific individual appointed to this position was not disclosed by Liu.

Liu clarified that the rotating CEOs will oversee the core business operations but exclude key subsidiaries like Foxconn Interconnect Technology and FIH Mobile. This strategy deviates from the previous leadership structure maintained by the company’s founder, Terry Gou.

Transition to a New Management Model

Insider sources suggest that this change signifies a departure from the traditional “one-man rule” at Foxconn. The implementation of a rotating CEO system aims to establish a more collaborative structure where managers take turns overseeing the company’s multifaceted operations across various countries.

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