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Foxconn excludes married Indian women from iPhone jobs

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In Short:

Women in India, looking for jobs at an iPhone factory run by Apple supplier Foxconn, are being discriminated against if they are married. The company systematically excludes married women due to cultural issues and concerns about family responsibilities. Despite laws against discrimination based on marital status, Foxconn continues to implement hiring practices that exclude married women. This practice undermines efforts to increase women’s workforce participation in India.

Apple Supplier Foxconn Discriminates Against Married Women in Hiring Practices

Discrimination Discovered at Foxconn iPhone Factory in India:

In a recent investigation by Reuters, it was uncovered that Foxconn, a major Apple supplier based in India, systematically excludes married women from potential job opportunities at its primary iPhone assembly plant. The discriminatory practice is based on the assumption that married women have more family responsibilities compared to their unmarried counterparts.

Insights into the Discriminatory Hiring Practices:

Former Foxconn HR executive S. Paul revealed that cultural issues and societal pressures are cited as reasons for not hiring married women. The company believes that family duties, potential pregnancies, and higher absenteeism rates make married women less suitable for employment.

Reaction from Apple and Foxconn:

Both Apple and Foxconn acknowledged previous lapses in hiring practices in 2022 and have since taken steps to address the issues. However, the discriminatory practices observed at the Sriperumbudur plant took place in 2023 and 2024, with no specific response from the companies regarding these instances.

Legal Context:

Even though Indian law does not explicitly prohibit discrimination based on marital status in hiring practices, both Apple and Foxconn have policies in place that prohibit such discriminatory actions within their supply chains.

Importance of the Issue:

The exposure of discriminatory hiring practices raises concerns about the treatment of women in the workforce and undermines efforts to empower women in India, a crucial goal for both the government and leading global companies like Apple and Foxconn.

Future Implications:

As India emerges as a key manufacturing hub for multinational companies, there is a growing need to address discriminatory practices and uphold global standards of inclusion, especially concerning gender equality in the workplace.

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