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Fastwyre Broadband invests $65M to upgrade network in Eastern Nebraska

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In Short:

Fastwyre Broadband is investing over USD 65 million to upgrade its fiber network infrastructure in Eastern Nebraska. The company plans to increase internet speeds in underserviced areas like Bellevue, Blair, and Wayne to 2 Gbps, with plans of up to 10 Gbps. Fastwyre is committed to delivering top-tier connectivity and first-class customer service in Nebraska and other states it operates in like Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Alaska, and Texas.

Fastwyre Broadband Invests USD 65 Million in Network Upgrades for Eastern Nebraska
Fastwyre Broadband, a fiber network services provider in the US, has announced an investment of over USD 65 million in upgrading its infrastructure in Eastern Nebraska. The company aims to enhance its network and service reliability in the region for the long term. Previously operating as Huntel since 1910, Fastwyre revealed this information in an official statement.

Fiber Upgrades in Eastern Nebraska

Fastwyre plans to boost internet connectivity in previously underserved areas, particularly in Eastern Nebraska. Residents in locations such as Bellevue, Blair, and Wayne can expect faster internet speeds, starting from 2 Gbps with potential plans for up to 10 Gbps. The company also intends to enhance service capacity in other parts of Nebraska through its participation in grant-related initiatives.

In the words of Fastwyre Broadband, “Delivering speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second at affordable rates is already a distinguishing factor in our Bellevue service area. We are excited to extend this high-quality connectivity to other communities in Eastern Nebraska while maintaining our commitment to exceptional customer service.”

FTTP Infrastructure

Fastwyre is constructing a network with fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure, with initial upgrades slated for completion by early summer. The company offers customers symmetrical speeds, ensuring rapid uploads and downloads conducive to simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.

Apart from its current investments in Eastern Nebraska, Fastwyre has allocated nearly USD 200 million for network enhancements in Missouri, Central Alabama, and Southwest/South Central Louisiana to provide faster internet speeds.

Fiber Upgrades in Louisiana regions

In March, Fastwyre disclosed an investment exceeding USD 65 million towards network improvements and market expansion in Louisiana areas where it previously operated as Cameron Communications. Residents and businesses in Moss Bluff, Cameron Parish, Carlyss, DeRidder, Elizabeth, Grand Lake, Leesville, Oakdale, Pitkin, Sugartown, and Westlake will benefit from faster and more reliable fiber internet services.

The American broadband company, Fastwyre Broadband, offers its services to customers in Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Alaska, Nebraska, and Texas.

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