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Expansion of 5G Network by Rogers and Shaw in Western Canada

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In Short:

Rogers and Shaw have expanded their networks in Western Canada one year after their merger. The companies have enhanced 5G coverage to over 150 communities and expanded high-speed internet to 90,000 more homes. Rogers has also invested in technology like satellite-to-mobile and wildfire detection. They have also expanded their Self Protect home security solution to Western Canada. In the future, Rogers will become more prevalent in Shaw products and services.

Rogers and Shaw Extend 5G Network in Western Canada
Canadian telecommunications companies Rogers and Shaw have announced the expansion of their networks in Western Canada. This move coincides with the one-year anniversary of the merger between Rogers and Shaw, which took place in April 2023. Following the acquisition, Shaw Communications was rebranded to operate under the Rogers brand starting in July of the same year.

Network Expansion Achievements

Over the past year, the two companies have worked together to enhance their 5G coverage in over 150 communities, extending it to 20,000 square kilometres. They have also expanded high-speed internet access to an additional 90,000 homes. Additionally, Shaw Mobile customers have been upgraded to the Rogers 5G network, as stated in an official release by Rogers.

Furthermore, Rogers has invested in various technologies, including satellite-to-mobile and wildfire detection technology. By leveraging national and global partnerships, the company aims to provide connectivity across the entire country.

Self Protect expands to Western Canada

Rogers has introduced its self-managed home security solution, Self Protect, exclusively for Ignite Internet customers in Western Canada. This service offers 24/7 live video recording, cameras, wired doorbell cameras, and integration with third-party smart products through the Ignite HomeConnect app.

Customers can now monitor their homes remotely and seamlessly integrate with Ignite TV and Internet services, providing added convenience and peace of mind, according to Rogers.

Future Outlook

While Rogers has a strong presence nationwide, Shaw Communications historically focused on serving Western Canada. With their merger, both companies are now jointly investing in expanding 5G networks and Fibre Internet Infrastructure in the region.

Although the Rogers and Shaw brands will continue to coexist for the time being, customers can expect to see a more prominent presence of the Rogers brand in Shaw products, services, and offerings as integration progresses.

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