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Edgnex reveals plans for 15 MW data center in Indonesia

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In Short:

Edgnex Data Centres, owned by DAMAC Group, is building a 15 MW data centre in Jakarta, Indonesia to meet increasing demand from Cloud Service Providers and AI deployments. The facility’s strategic location near internet exchange points will support sustainable Tier 3 standards. The investment aims to support the government’s goal of raising data centre capacity to 1 GW and drive innovation and growth in Southeast Asia.

Edgnex Announces 15 MW Data Centre in Indonesia
Edgnex Data Centres, a digital infrastructure provider owned by the Dubai-based DAMAC Group, is investing in a 15 MW data centre to be built in Jakarta, Indonesia. This move aligns with the government’s goals to increase data centre capacity to 1 gigawatt (GW).

Meeting Increasing Demand

Edgnex has announced that the first phase of development is set to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2025 to meet the growing demand from Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployments.

Strategic Location

The new data centre will be situated on MT Haryono in Jakarta, just 3 kilometres away from the interconnected data centre clusters and an important internet exchange point within Jakarta’s central data hub, as per the official statement released.

To accommodate the need for increased data centre capacity, Edgnex emphasized the necessity for more colocation data centres adhering to sustainable Tier 3 standards to meet the escalating internet consumption in the region.

Sustainable Growth

DAMAC Group stated, “We are excited to support the government’s initiatives with this announcement and to bring our expertise in establishing new benchmarks for data centres in Southeast Asia, fostering technological innovation and advancement throughout the region.”

DAMAC Capital further added, “Our upcoming facility in downtown Jakarta will cater to the increasing demand from Cloud Service Providers, Edge Nodes, and potential Artificial Intelligence deployments. We are also making investments in similar projects across SEA and globally.”

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