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Digital Edge launches cutting-edge HSC Energy Storage System as battery alternative.

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In Short:

APAC data centre company Digital Edge has created a new energy storage system called Hybrid Super Capacitor (HSC) with South Korean partner Donghwa ES. This technology is said to revolutionize power generation for data centres, offering longer lifespan and more efficient power handling. The HSC is designed to withstand higher temperatures and eliminate fire hazards, making it safer and more reliable for high-power density deployments.

Digital Edge Develops HSC Energy Storage System to Replace Traditional Batteries

Digital Edge Develops HSC Energy Storage System

APAC data centre operator Digital Edge has collaborated with South Korean power solutions company Donghwa ES to introduce a new energy storage system as an alternative to traditional batteries at its data centres. This system, known as a Hybrid Super Capacitor (HSC) Energy Storage System, is aimed at revolutionizing power generation for data center workloads in the future, particularly for AI and hyperscale applications.

Traditional Batteries

The data center industry currently relies on lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries for backup generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to maintain seamless operations during power failures. However, with the escalating demand for higher power density deployments, the industry is under pressure to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

HSC Energy Storage System

Digital Edge and Donghwa ES have jointly developed the HSC Energy Storage System technology, which promises an extended lifespan compared to traditional battery solutions. The innovative technology combines activated carbon from an electric double-layer capacitor with carbon from a lithium-ion battery to improve performance and durability.

Extended Lifespan

The HSC Energy Storage System offers a longer lifespan, with an estimated replacement cycle of over 15 years, significantly longer than other battery products. This remarkable feature is set to enhance the safety and reliability standards in the data center industry, as stated by Digital Edge and Donghwa ES.

Safety and Reliability

The HSC Energy Storage System, designed to withstand higher temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius without the need for cooling, is well-suited for supporting energy-intensive AI and high-power density deployments. It offers quick recharging capabilities, efficiently managing multiple power outages within data centers without the risk of fire hazards due to thermal runaway.

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