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Digicel Samoa Receives Conditional Approval to Launch 5G

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In Short:

Digicel Samoa is getting ready to launch 5G services in the country, after receiving conditional approval from the Government. The telco is working with Nokia to upgrade cell tower sites, starting with Apia CBD. This upgrade will enable high-speed connectivity for customers and improve coverage across Samoa. Digicel is also focused on maintaining cybersecurity standards for its 5G infrastructure.

Digicel Samoa Granted Conditional Approval for 5G Launch
Digicel Samoa will soon launch 5G services in the Island country. The telco announced on Monday that it has been granted conditional approval from the Government of Samoa to launch 5G technology and is working with Nokia to upgrade cell tower sites. With these upgrades, the telco said it is ready to offer high-speed connectivity to its customers.

Upgrading Cell Tower Sites

According to the company, the upgrades will start with cell tower sites in Apia CBD (Central Business District), the capital of Samoa, to enable Digicel Samoa to introduce 5G capability for its customers, as well as maintain its existing 4G network.

Digicel Samoa said, “With the conditional approval from the Office of the Regulator for the introduction of 5G technology, we look forward to ushering in a new era of connectivity with diverse applications for our customers soon.”

The company mentioned that Nokia’s state-of-the-art equipment will enable it to not only sustain but also improve coverage across the country, boosting mobile internet speeds and embracing transformative technologies like 5G.

Cybersecurity Standards

Additionally, the company said its upgraded cell tower sites in Apia and across the country will be consistent with cybersecurity standards defined for 5G to ensure the security and resilience of critical national infrastructure.

According to the official release, the telco will deploy Nokia’s AirScale portfolio on top of its existing 4G network. Reportedly, the AirScale portfolio supports all deployment scenarios and frequency bands.

Digicel Pacific

Digicel Samoa is part of Digicel Pacific, which was acquired by Australia’s Telstra. Digicel Pacific also operates in 5 other markets, namely Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Nauru, Tonga, and Vanuatu.

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