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Dabur’s Mohit Burman emphasizes focus on B2C businesses

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In Short:

The Burman family, known for their Dabur group, focuses on developing consumer-focused businesses and turning around operations. They have investments in various sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, and financial services. They aim to establish strong brands and distribution networks in consumer-related industries. The family also holds stakes in companies like Aviva India and Universal Sompo and is working towards acquiring a majority stake in Religare Enterprises.

The Burman Family’s Focus on B2C Ventures and Turnarounds

The Burman family, known for their association with the Dabur group across various sectors including consumer goods and financial services, shared their strategic priorities during the Mint India Investment Summit 2024. According to Mohit Burman, Chairman of Dabur India, their focus is on developing business-to-consumer ventures and reviving struggling operations.

Diverse Business Interests

With interests spanning packaged consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, sports, and food services, the Burman family is particularly drawn to B2C businesses. As explained by Burman at the summit, their investments and ventures are centered around building strong brands and effective distribution networks in sectors closely related to consumer needs.

Noteworthy Investments

Highlighting their ventures in healthcare and hospitality, Burman showcased the family’s endeavors into multiple sectors. From specialized healthcare services with UK-based Healthcare at Home to owning the Taco Bell franchise in India, the Burman family’s investments vary across industries.

Success Stories in Turning Around Businesses

Apart from their diverse portfolio, the Burmans have also been successful in revitalizing troubled businesses. From acquiring Eveready Industries to turning around Punjab Tractors, their track record in distressed asset management is commendable and strategic.

Increasing Stake in Religare Enterprises

The Burman family’s recent move to raise their stake in Religare Enterprises to 25.18% demonstrates their commitment to expanding their presence in the financial services sector. With a focus on acquiring majority control, the family is gearing up for a significant role in the company’s future.

Regulatory Approvals and Future Plans

Having secured approval from the Competition Commission of India, the Burman family is now awaiting nods from regulators like SEBI and RBI for their increased stake in Religare Enterprises. These developments signify a strategic shift towards B2C businesses and a more proactive approach in their investment strategy.

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