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RSWM addresses 6 sustainability issues by transitioning boilers to biofuel

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In Short:

RSWM Ltd, an Indian yarn and fabric manufacturer, is focusing on sustainability with six initiatives. They have invested in renewable energy like wind and solar power, converting boilers to biofuel, recycling PET bottles and textile waste, water recycling, and using organic manure. The company ensures zero liquid discharge, recycles water, and converts waste into manure. They involve the community and aim for green practices.

RSWM’s Sustainability Initiatives: A Human Touch

Let’s dive into the world of RSWM (formerly known as Rajasthan Spinning and Weaving Mills group) Ltd, one of India’s top yarn and knitted fabric manufacturers, where sustainability and green practices are more than just buzzwords. Brij Mohan Sharma, the joint managing director (JMD) of the company, sheds light on the six key initiatives driving their sustainability efforts.

Brij Mohan Sharma, the Driving Force

Brij Mohan Sharma, joint managing director, RSWM Ltd

₹35 crore investment

RSWM has put its money where its mouth is with a 20 megawatt (MW) wind power unit, a 40 MW wind power facility, and a 32-MW in-house solar setup to power its units with green energy.

Sharma proudly points to the company’s transition from coal to biofuels in its boilers, with a pledge to convert all six boilers by the end of 2025. Three are already green!

Investing ₹35 crore reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability, showcasing its vision for a greener future.

Recycling for the Win

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – RSWM converts PET bottles into polyester fiber, increasing recycled polyester production from under 10% to a whopping 50%!

The establishment of a recycled polyester facility in Jammu highlights the company’s dedication to sustainability.

Zero liquid discharge

RSWM leaves no stone unturned in its quest for sustainability – recycling every drop of water and boasting water recycling facilities in all plants, ensuring zero liquid discharge.

Rainwater harvesting and green initiatives like artificial lakes and rainforests underscore the company’s eco-friendly ethos.

Closing the Loop with Organic Waste

Waste not, want not – RSWM converts waste into organic manure, mandating the use of 50% organic manure in its plants and setting an example with plots using 100% organic manure.

Sharma emphasizes the importance of performance metrics, aligning with industry standards, and keeping employees informed of their impact.

Community Engagement

RSWM extends its green mission to the community, placing PET bottle recycling machines in high-traffic areas like railway stations and bus terminuses, fostering awareness and community involvement.

The company collaborates with local authorities to invest in educational institutions for the community’s benefit, showcasing a holistic approach to corporate sustainability.

While facing challenges in the market, RSWM remains optimistic, viewing the tough times as part of a cycle set to pass soon.

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