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AWS Activate credit now valid for third-party Pandurang Nayak models

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In Short:

AWS has helped many start-ups in India through its AWS Activate program, providing credits, technical support and training. The program aims to minimize undifferentiated work for start-ups in early stages by offering pre-made solutions and architectural references. AWS also offers credits for experimenting with third-party models on Amazon Bedrock for building generative AI applications. AWS also assists in networking, security, compliance, and resilience for start-ups, with plans to invest $12.7 billion in India by 2030.

Empowering Start-ups with AWS Activate

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a strong supporter of start-ups in India, providing them with the necessary resources through its AWS Activate initiative. From AWS credits to technical support and training, AWS is there every step of the way.

Early Stage Support

According to Pandurang Nayak, Head of Start-up Solutions Architects, AWS India, every start-up has different needs at various stages of their growth journey. In the early stage, when start-ups are busy building products, AWS Activate and the activate console come into play to help minimize undifferentiated work, making processes more efficient and optimizing time and resources.

$6 Billion Worth of Credits

Nayak mentioned, “Since the launch of AWS Activate, we have provided about $6 billion worth of credits to start-ups globally. These credits not only help start-ups financially but also give them access to the Activate Console, offering pre-made solutions and architectural references that can be utilized to their advantage.”

Redeemable AWS Activate Credits

AWS has now made Activate credits redeemable for third-party models on Amazon Bedrock, a fully-managed service with high-performing foundation models from leading artificial intelligence companies like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, and others. Start-ups can use these credits to experiment with various models and capabilities to build responsible generative AI applications with security and privacy.

Support Beyond Infrastructure

In addition to credits and technical support, AWS also helps start-ups network with venture capitalists, accelerators, and incubators. For fintech start-ups, AWS provides security, compliance, and resilience measures to ensure a secure and compliant environment for their operations.

Investing in India’s Future

AWS has plans to invest $12.7 billion in India by 2030 to strengthen local cloud infrastructure. This investment is expected to contribute $23.3 billion to India’s GDP by 2030 and support approximately 1,31,700 full-time jobs annually at local businesses.

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