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Report shows D2C and E-commerce brands dominating in retention-led marketing careers

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In Short:

D2C and E-commerce brands are focusing more on retention-led marketing, with data analytics as a key skill for success. The report highlights career opportunities in retention marketing, with potential for growth. Professionals in this field need skills of a CMO, CTO, and CDO. The demand for savvy retention professionals is increasing, with high salary prospects for experienced individuals.

D2C and E-commerce Brands Embrace Retention Marketing

According to a recent report by WebEngage, direct-to-consumer (D2C) and e-commerce brands are increasingly focusing on retention-led marketing strategies. The study revealed that 39.6% of respondents identified data analytics as the top skill necessary for success in retention marketing careers.

Profitable Career Opportunities in Retention Marketing

The State of Careers in Retention Marketing report highlighted the lucrative career opportunities within the retention marketing domain, with the potential for accelerated career growth. The survey included respondents from various sectors, with 35.8% from D2C and e-commerce brands, 17.9% from ed-tech, 10.5% from BFSI, and 8.4% from media and entertainment.

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Majority of the respondents (52.6%) were part of marketing teams, while 31.6% belonged to growth teams and 15.8% to product teams within their respective organizations.

Key Skills for Success in Retention Marketing

In addition to data analytics, respondents emphasized the importance of strategic thinking abilities (17.6%) and project management skills (17.2%) in retention marketing. The report also highlighted the need for retention marketing professionals to possess a combination of skills resembling a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Data Officer.

“The last few years have brought the subject of retention marketing to the spotlight…”

“Thus, it’s only fair that pros at driving retention be recognized for their impact on business and compensated accordingly…”

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Salary Insights for Retention Professionals

The report highlighted the earning potential for retention professionals, stating that the head of retention at a brand over ₹500 crore could earn as high as 50-70 lakhs per annum. Furthermore, individuals in roles such as Head of Retention and User Engagement at large-scale gaming or entertainment brands could command salaries as high as ₹1 crore.

To achieve a salary range of 10-15 lakhs per annum in the D2C sector, individuals typically require 3-5 years of core retention marketing experience. Those earning in the 40 lakh per annum bracket often possess a combination of a master’s degree and work experience, with roles spanning across marketing, growth, and product teams.

(Inputs from bl intern Vidushi Nautiyal)

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