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Dabur India confirms Badshah Masala products meet global standards

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In Short:

Dabur India reassured that Badshah Masala’s spice products meet FSSAI norms for domestic and international markets. CEO Mohit Malhotra emphasized compliance with regulations, including not using radiation for domestic products. The company conducts stringent checks, including steam sterilization and microbial testing. The Spice Board of India screens all international consignments. This comes amid criticism faced by other Indian spice brands for alleged ethylene oxide presence in their products.

Dabur India Ensures Compliance with Food Safety Norms

In a recent development, Dabur India has reassured consumers that Badshah Masala spice products meet the required standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for the domestic market. Additionally, the company stated that all international export consignments undergo stringent screening by the Spice Board of India.

Domestic Market Standards

Mohit Malhotra, the CEO of Dabur India, emphasized that the company strictly adheres to FSSAI norms for the domestic market. He highlighted that ethylene oxide, a controversial sterilization method, is not a part of FSSAI regulations. Therefore, Dabur India does not use radiation for its domestic products and fully complies with FSSAI’s guidelines.

International Market Procedures

For international markets, Malhotra shared that all spice consignments undergo rigorous screening by the Spice Board of India before being shipped. The company ensures that its export products meet the specified limits for ethylene oxide radiation established by the Board. Moreover, Dabur India conducts steam sterilization, the preferred method for ensuring the products’ safety and quality.

Responding to Criticism

These statements from Dabur India come in response to recent controversies surrounding Indian spice brands. Both MDH and Everest have faced scrutiny from international regulators, with Hong Kong and Singapore taking actions against certain products over alleged ethylene oxide presence. In contrast, Dabur India reassures consumers of its commitment to food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

As the FSSAI continues to monitor packaged spice products from various brands, Dabur India’s proactive measures aim to uphold the trust and confidence of consumers both in India and abroad.

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