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Maruti Suzuki aims for 3 lakh exports in FY25, targets 8 lakh by 2030.

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In Short:

Maruti Suzuki India aims to increase overseas shipments to 3 lakh units in FY25 and up to 8 lakh units by 2030. They plan to launch more models in over 100 countries and improve distribution networks. With a focus on the national vision and business ambition, the company achieved record exports of 2.83 lakh units in FY24. Their strategy aligns with the Government’s vision to boost India’s exports.

Maruti Suzuki India Set to Scale up Overseas Shipments

Hey there car enthusiasts! Great news coming your way from Maruti Suzuki India. The company is riding high on the success of record exports last fiscal and is all set to take its overseas shipments to the next level.

Confident of Surpassing 3 Lakh Units in FY25

A senior official at Maruti Suzuki India has stated that the company is confident of crossing the 3 lakh units mark in overseas shipments in the financial year 2025. This is just a stepping stone towards their larger goal of reaching up to 8 lakh units by 2030.

Expanding Market Reach and Enhancing Network

To achieve this ambitious goal, Maruti Suzuki India is planning to launch more models in its export markets which currently span over 100 countries. The company is also focusing on enhancing its distribution network, taking cues from successful practices implemented in India.

Record-breaking Exports in FY24

In the previous fiscal year, Maruti Suzuki India posted record exports of 2,83,067 units, showcasing a significant growth trajectory from earlier years. The company’s exports have seen a remarkable rise over the years, with a strong presence in key markets like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

Aligned with National Vision

Maruti Suzuki India’s strategy is in line with the Indian government’s vision to boost exports and amplify the country’s presence in global trade. The company’s commitment to this vision is evident in their efforts to expand their export portfolio with the launch of new models, including EVs which will cater to advanced markets like Japan and Europe.

Looking Towards the Future

With a target of 7.5 lakh to 8 lakh units in total exports by 2030, Maruti Suzuki India is focused on continuous improvement and expansion. The company aims to introduce more models in diverse markets worldwide, bolstering its distribution network and solidifying its position as a key player in the global automotive industry.

Exciting times ahead for Maruti Suzuki India as it gears up to conquer new horizons in the world of exports!

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