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Angel One implements protocols to address data breach issue

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In Short:

Angel One addressed a data breach from April last year, primarily involving sample data and details of delisted companies from 2021. They reported it to authorities and confirmed no new breach occurred. They ensure data security with two-factor authentication and other measures. Customer data is secure, with no impact on client securities, funds, or credentials. Angel One’s client base grew to 24.72 million, with a 96.9% increase in new client acquisition last month.

Angel One Addresses Data Breach From April 2023

Angel One has taken steps to resolve a data breach that occurred in April last year. The breach, reported promptly to authorities at that time, mainly contained sample data and information on delisted companies from 2021.

No New Data Breach, Data Authenticity Not Validated

Angel One reassures that no new data breach has taken place, and the authenticity of the leaked data has not been verified. The company emphasizes its dedication to data security, ensuring customers that their information remains safeguarded.

A spokesperson for Angel One stated, “We want to assure all our users that there has been no recent data breach. The incident in April 2023 was immediately reported to the appropriate authorities. We do not support purchasing data from hackers, as it is unlawful. To enhance our security measures, we have introduced two-factor authentication and other safeguards. Rest assured, Angel One’s customer data is protected, and this incident does not impact client securities, funds, or credentials. All client accounts are secure.”

Client Base Grows to 24.72 Million

Angel One’s client base reached 24.72 million in June this year, marking a significant 64.2 per cent year-on-year increase. Additionally, the company achieved a remarkable 96.9 per cent y-o-y growth in gross client acquisition, adding 0.94 million new clients last month.

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