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Pinnacle Industries introduces AD-Gen ambulance for enhanced emergency medical care

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In Short:

Pinnacle Industries, a top provider of automotive interiors in India, has introduced the AD-Gen Ambulance. This ambulance aims to offer high-quality emergency medical services nationwide, with a focus on optimizing response times and improving patient outcomes. It features robust construction, European-standard seats, advanced medical equipment, and integrated electronic systems for effective patient stabilization and swift hospital transfers. This innovation has the potential to save lives and enhance emergency medical transport in India.

Introducing the AD-Gen Ambulance by Pinnacle Industries

Imagine a world where emergency medical services are not just high-quality but also accessible nationwide. Well, Pinnacle Industries, a renowned provider of automotive interiors and specialty vehicles in India, is turning this vision into reality with the unveiling of the AD-Gen Ambulance.

Ambulance Engineered for Saving Lives

According to Arihant Mehta, President at Pinnacle Industries, the AD-Gen Ambulance is designed to make a difference when every second counts in an emergency. The first 10-20 minutes can determine the outcome, and this ambulance is all about optimizing response times and improving patient outcomes.

Key Features of AD-Gen Ambulance

This ambulance is not just any ordinary vehicle. It boasts a robust construction with high-strength aluminum rails, ensuring equipment installation without compromising structural integrity. The European-standard seats offer comfort and space optimization, while the interior layout focuses on operational efficiency and hygiene.

Equipped with advanced medical equipment, the AD-Gen Ambulance can effectively stabilize patients during transit. It features a state-of-the-art Digital Oxygen System, a dedicated drug cabinet for quick access to medications, and integrated electronic systems for real-time data monitoring of vital signs and navigation tools.

Impact on Emergency Medical Transport

Pinnacle Industries believes that the AD-Gen Ambulance will revolutionize emergency medical transport in India. By improving service delivery, response times, and overall outcomes, this innovation has the potential to save lives and make a significant difference in communities facing medical emergencies.

With a focus on rapid response, advanced medical interventions, and efficient hospital transfers, the AD-Gen Ambulance is set to redefine emergency medical services in India.

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