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Kraft Heinz’s India GCC aims to reach 2000 employees by end of year

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In Short:

Kraft Heinz India plans to expand its Global Capability Centre in Ahmedabad by increasing headcount to 2,000 from 400, focusing on hiring for tech roles like data science and finance. The strategic location in Ahmedabad offers talent availability with low attrition rates. The GCC manages core competencies like supply chain, logistics, advanced analytics, and has launched GenAI models for value creation and business improvement.

Hey there, guess what? The FMCG giant Kraft Heinz India is planning to supercharge its global capability centre (GCC) within a year! They are looking to beef up their team from 400 to around 2,000 members. And here’s the cool part – their one and only GCC was established in Ahmedabad back in 2023.

Exciting Growth Plans

According to Nayeema Kouser, the Director of GBS Global Capabilities Centre at Kraft Heinz India, they are gearing up to hire for various tech roles such as data scientists, advanced analytics, machine learning, and GenAI. They also plan to expand in areas like FP&A, IT operations, and marketing insights. Basically, they are all set to create a finance hub and increase their presence in various operational domains.

Choosing the Right Spot

Kouser mentioned that setting up the GCC in Ahmedabad strategically was a brilliant move. With cities like Bengaluru already saturated with global GCCs, Ahmedabad opened up new opportunities. The low attrition rate of 5% in Ahmedabad, compared to the 20-35% in other cities, makes it a hotspot for talent. Plus, the supportive ITeS policy of the Gujarat government adds to the appeal of this location.

Core Competencies

The Indian GCC handles core competencies like global supply chain, logistics, and procurement for Kraft Heinz on a global scale. But they are not stopping there – they aim to transform the centre into a strategic location for value creation. Their focus is on driving EBITDA value, cash flow generation, and core P&L savings.

Excitingly, the team has already launched innovative GenAI models. By using this technology, they were able to identify and reduce wastage in their ketchup factory line, leading to improved yield percentages across a wide range of products.

Other success stories include detecting variations in product recipes and implementing changes to enhance yield percentages. The GCC is all about leveraging technology like GenAI to boost their key performance indicators and bring about positive transformations.

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