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BSNL Enhances Data and Speed Benefits in Rs 599 Broadband Plan

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In Short:

BSNL upgraded its Rs 599 Fibre Basic Plus broadband plan with improved benefits silently. The plan now offers 100 Mbps speed and 4TB monthly data, up from 60 Mbps speed and 3.3TB data. After FUP data, speed now reduces to 4 Mbps instead of 2 Mbps. This is a good deal for budget-conscious customers. Another Rs 599 plan with 75 Mbps speed and Disney+ Hotstar Super subscription is also available.

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<p><b>Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)</b> has recently enhanced the data and speed benefits of its Rs 599 broadband plan. The Bharat Fibre service by <b>BSNL</b> features competitive plans and the state-run telco aims to increase its market share in the face of private telecom operators’ competition. The Rs 599 plan, catered towards budget-conscious customers, has now received an upgrade in benefits. Let’s delve into the details of these revised benefits.</p>
<h2>BSNL Rs 599 Fibre Basic Plus Plan</h2>
<p>The Rs 599 Fibre Basic Plus plan from <b>BSNL</b> has been available to customers since 2020. First, let’s outline the previous benefits of the plan before discussing the updated benefits.</p>
<p>Previously, users of this plan enjoyed 60 Mbps download and upload speeds, coupled with a monthly data allowance of 3.3TB. After surpassing the FUP limit, the speed would decrease to 2 Mbps.</p>
<p>Now, let’s explore the enhanced benefits.</p>
<p>The revamped Rs 599 Fibre Basic Plus plan from <b>BSNL</b> now offers 100 Mbps speed and a 4TB monthly data limit. Following the exhaustion of FUP data, the speed reduces to 4 Mbps. Thus, the speed, data limit, and post-FUP speed have all been increased.</p>
<p>At Rs 599, this plan presents a compelling offering from <b>BSNL</b>.</p>
<p>Additionally, another Rs 599 plan by <b>BSNL</b> known as Fibre Basic OTT provides 75 Mbps speed. This plan also includes a 4TB monthly FUP data allocation and offers customers a complimentary subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Super.</p>
<p>It’s important to note that all the aforementioned plans include a free fixed-line voice calling connection. However, customers need to separately purchase the landline instrument as <b>BSNL</b> does not provide it.</p>
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