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Belarus Reaches 400K Fixed Internet Subscribers, Introduces 4G in Minsk Subway

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In Short:

A1 Belarus has reached a milestone with over 400,000 fixed internet subscribers, expanding services to cities like Pinsk. The company is actively growing its fixed internet network across Belarus, offering integrated packages and high-speed internet plans. A1 also launched 4G communication in the Minsk subway, providing VoLTE and high-speed mobile internet at all stations in partnership with beCloud.

A1 Belarus Surpasses 400,000 Fixed Internet Subscribers
A1 Belarus announced that its fixed internet subscriber base has surpassed the milestone of 400,000 subscribers. The 400,000th subscriber, a resident of Pinsk, signed up for A1’s services as they became available in the city, according to an announcement by A1 Belarus.

Fixed Network Expansion

A1 Belarus has been actively developing its fixed communication services for several years and recently expanded services to the city of Pinsk. Residents of various regional centers such as Bobruisk, Dobrush, Zhlobin, and others have been able to access A1’s services. The telco is continuously working to expand its fixed Internet network to provide accessible and comfortable conditions for users across Belarus.

A1 Belarus emphasized the importance of developing integrated offers to enhance the service portfolio. The telecom provider offers MEGA tariff plans, allowing users to enjoy Internet, TV, and mobile communications at the price of a standard fixed-line tariff in the Belarusian market.

The 400,000th subscriber opted for A1’s “MEGA Max 2.0” tariff plan, which includes high-speed fixed internet, unlimited mobile internet, cross-network calls, and access to entertainment content through the VOKA video service. A1 claims to be the largest private operator of fixed Internet access in Belarus, providing speeds of up to 500 Mbps using GPON and Ethernet standards.

A1 Launches 4G Communication in Minsk Subway

A1 Belarus has introduced 4G communication in the Minsk subway, enabling VoLTE and high-speed mobile Internet at all existing stations and in all stages between them. The project was carried out in collaboration with infrastructure operator beCloud, which is working on a unified LTE network in Belarus.

The 4G network launch follows successful testing at the Oktyabrskaya and Kupalovskaya stations in February 2024. Infrastructure has also been established at stations on the Zelenoluzhskaya line, which are scheduled to open soon.

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