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Arelion and Telxius Expand Connectivity to North and Latin America through Partnership

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In Short:

Telefonica’s Telxius and Swedish firm Arelion are teaming up to connect Latin American customers to North America. They are expanding their fiber network to provide high-speed connectivity. This collaboration benefits customers in both regions by enhancing access to global Internet backbones. Arelion’s PoPs at Telxius’ landing stations in Florida will offer high-capacity access to North American networks. The partnership aims to meet the technological needs of carriers and content providers.

Arelion and Telxius Partner to Extend Connectivity to North and Latin America

Telefonica’s infrastructure subsidiary, Telxius, and the Swedish telecom firm Arelion are collaborating to connect Latin American customers to North America via their submarine and terrestrial systems. Both companies are working together to provide fully diverse, multi-terabit connectivity to Telxius’ landing stations in Boca Raton and Jacksonville, Florida.

Network Expansion Details

The fiber network expansion establishes Arelion Points-of-Presence (PoPs) at each Telxius landing station, enabling Telxius to offer customers resilient Tier-1 optical transport and high-speed access to Arelion‘s North American network.

Together, Arelion and Telxius are making a significant investment in the Florida Peninsula to connect Latin American customers to North America through submarine and terrestrial systems, as both companies stated in a recent announcement.

“The collaboration benefits both Arelion‘s and Telxius‘ customers in North America and Latin America, providing enhanced access to the companies’ global Internet backbones. Customers also benefit from Telxius‘ portfolio of submarine and terrestrial backhauls, and Arelion‘s terrestrial connectivity services, including high-capacity wavelengths for service providers, content providers, and enterprises,” according to the official statement.

Arelion‘s new PoPs at Telxius‘ landing stations along the Florida Peninsula will provide Latin American markets with high-capacity gateway access to the North American connectivity ecosystem,” said Arelion. “Through this investment in the Florida Peninsula, Arelion continues our established partnership with Telxius to serve the technological needs of Internet carriers and content providers through complete, collaborative connectivity solutions.”

Arelion‘s PoPs enable resilient 400G Wavelength services over open line systems supporting the latest coherent technology, seamlessly connecting Internet carriers and content providers to Arelion‘s network in the United States.

Telxius‘ Virginia Beach landing station serves as the landing point for three subsea systems connecting Latin America and Europe: Brusa, Marea, and Dunant.

Telxius‘ Boca Raton landing station is the terminal point for the South America-1 (SAm-1) and the upcoming Tikal submarine cable system, while Telxius’ Jacksonville landing station connects to the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS).

Telxius – Northern Region said, “Our continued collaboration will provide ultra-high capacity, low latency, and robust access to Latin America and transatlantic markets for Arelion and its customers. For Telxius, it secures 400G transmission services in our Boca Raton and Jacksonville landing stations, enabling resilient Tier-1 optical transport and high-speed access to Arelion’s North American network for customers.”

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