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Airtel extends network coverage in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

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In Short:

Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel has expanded its network in Jalgaon district, Maharashtra, covering 1400 villages and benefiting a population of 26 lakhs. This initiative follows earlier expansions in other districts. Airtel’s Rural Enhancement Project aims to connect 60,000 villages by 2024, with Maharashtra alone targeting 5,000 villages across nine districts. The company has also enhanced its fiber presence in the state for improved connectivity in rural areas.

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<h2><b>Airtel Expands Network in Jalgaon, Maharashtra</b></h2>
<p>Indian telecommunications company <b>Bharti Airtel</b> has deployed additional sites in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra to densify its network. The project covered 1400 villages and a population base of 26 lakh people, as announced by <b>Airtel</b> on Monday. This expansion follows previous ones in Sambhaji Nagar, Jalna, Nashik, and Solapur districts of Maharashtra.</p>
<h2><b>Network Densification in Jalgaon</b></h2>
<p>Customers in tehsils of Chalisgaon, Jamner, Pachora, Parola, Chopda, Dharangaon, Erandol, Muktainagar, Bhadgaon, Yawal, and Bhusawal in Jalgaon district will benefit directly from this network enhancement. It aims to provide seamless access to high-speed connectivity in rural Jalgaon.</p>
<h2><b>Airtel Rural Enhancement Project</b></h2>
<p>As part of its Rural Enhancement Project (REP), Airtel plans to improve network connectivity in 60,000 villages across the country by 2024. In Maharashtra, it will extend coverage to 5,000 villages, covering the entire state. The project targets nine districts for expansion.</p>
<h2><b>Airtel Network in Maharashtra</b></h2>
<p>Airtel has also enhanced its fiber presence in Maharashtra by adding capacities to improve network capacity and reach rural areas. The network now covers all urban, semi-urban, and rural areas, including highways, tourist spots, and commercial centers.</p>
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