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Airtel expands network coverage in Jharkhand with USOF support

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In Short:

Airtel is expanding its network in remote areas of Jharkhand under the Rural Enhancement Project. 146 sites have been deployed, benefiting 180 villages. The initiative aims to improve customer experience in voice and data connectivity. Customers in 21 districts will benefit. Despite challenges like harsh weather and limited facilities, the project was successfully completed to provide quality and affordable services to rural communities.

Airtel Expands Network Footprint in Jharkhand Under USOF

Indian telecommunications company Bharti Airtel has announced the deployment of additional sites in the state of Jharkhand as part of its Rural Enhancement Project (REP) undertaken under the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF). The company has successfully deployed 146 sites in the remote regions of Jharkhand, Bharti Airtel said on Tuesday.

Network Expansion Initiative

The additional deployment of sites by Airtel aims to densify its network in the remote corners of Jharkhand, benefiting 180 villages with a population base of 92,000. This initiative aims to enhance customer experience in the region, both in terms of voice and data connectivity.

Impact on Rural Communities

Airtel said customers in 21 districts, including Pashchim Singhbhum, Sahibganj, Latehar, Gumla, Garhwa, Dumka, Palamu, and more, will directly benefit from the network enhancement. The project under the USOF is geared towards providing quality and affordable mobile and digital services across rural and remote areas of the country.

Overcoming Geographic Challenges

Highlighting the challenging nature of this USOF deployment, Airtel emphasised the geographical complexities faced by its teams during the deployment. Despite harsh climatic conditions and limited accommodation facilities in remote areas, meticulous planning enabled the successful implementation of the project.

Airtel said, “The team completed the project with the primary objective of extending connectivity in remote areas where no other network operator is available,” underscoring its commitment to customer obsession throughout this challenging deployment.

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