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AI PCs running LLMs tackle data privacy issues, says Dell exec

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In Short:

Dell Technologies has launched AI-powered laptops that can run large language models without the need for internet, addressing data privacy concerns. The new laptops are equipped with Intel’s latest three-part core processor with CPU, GPU, and NPU for efficient processing and auto-enhancement capabilities. The devices are priced between Rs 105,999 and Rs 2,99,990, targeting professionals, creators, gamers, and students. Experts predict that AI-enabled laptops will become more common by 2027.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Personal Computers by Dell Unveiled

Dell Technologies has introduced a new range of AI-enabled laptops that use artificial intelligence to run large language models (LLMs) without the need for WiFi or cloud processing. This innovation, showcased by Raj Kumar Rishi, the vice president and managing director of consumer & small business at Dell, addresses concerns over data privacy.

Enhanced Performance

Applications such as Stable Diffusion for text-to-image generation, Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, and Audacity for music generation can now run more efficiently on these devices, which boast faster processing and auto-enhancement capabilities.

Dell’s new laptop range, starting at Rs 105,999 and going up to Rs 2,99,990, is powered by Intel’s latest three-part core processor, featuring a CPU, GPU, and NPU (neural processing unit), known as the brain of new-age AI devices.

Benefits of NPU

Rishi highlighted that the NPU can optimize data processing, enhance speed, improve battery life, and reduce power consumption and heating of the device.

Target Audience

Targeted at professionals, creators, gamers, and students embracing AI applications, the new Dell laptops also feature the Copilot key for quick access to Microsoft Copilot, assisting with everyday tasks.

Pricing and Future Predictions

While the premium pricing of AI-enabled PCs may persist for some time, Rishi mentioned IDC’s projection that around 60% of laptops worldwide will be AI-enabled by 2027.

Additional Features

Alongside AI applications, Dell’s latest consumer portfolio offers upgrades such as auto framing during video conferencing, visual enhancements for images, and noise reduction.

Expert Opinion

According to Prabhu Ram, head of industry intelligence group at Cyber Media Research, while PC brands are incorporating AI into their devices, mass adoption may still be limited by factors like pricing and usability of AI applications.

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