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A1 Belarus Boosts Gomel’s 4G Network Capacity by Almost Double

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In Short:

A1 Belarus has upgraded its 4G LTE Network in Gomel, increasing bandwidth and speed by deploying more sites on the 2600 MHz band. Users in the region can now enjoy more stable high-speed internet access simultaneously. The project was done in partnership with beCloud, enhancing connectivity in large cities. A1 urged users to upgrade to 4G SIM cards and devices for a better experience.

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<h2>Network Upgrade in Gomel</h2>
<p><b>A1 Belarus</b> has completed the implementation of a project to upgrade its 4G LTE Network in Gomel, increasing the number of sites and capacity deployed. The company announced this week that it has deployed additional capacities in the <b>2600 MHz</b> band, significantly increasing bandwidth and data transfer speeds for users in the region.</p>
<p>The company stated that users were able to notice changes in mobile internet on the 4G LTE Network, as the number of sites operating on the <b>2600 MHz</b> band increased from <b>112</b> to <b>201</b>, almost doubling. As a result, more stable access to high-speed internet via LTE is available for more customers simultaneously.</p>
<p>This network upgrade is especially important in large cities with high population density, as customers will be able to experience seamless connectivity.</p>
<h2>Partnership with beCloud</h2>
<p>The project has been carried out in partnership with the state-owned infrastructure operator <b>beCloud</b>, which is engaged in the construction, operation, and development of an LTE network in Belarus.</p>
<p>Under this partnership, <b>A1</b> provides <b>beCloud</b> with its technical infrastructure, as well as a transport network based on hybrid, radio, and fiber optic communication lines for the installation of equipment for the deployment of 4G LTE networks.</p>
<h2>Improved Connectivity</h2>
<p><b>A1 Belarus</b> urged users to upgrade to 4G SIM cards and have a 4G-compatible device to experience the 4G Network. On April 16, <b>A1</b> celebrated its 25th Anniversary.</p>
<p><strong>TelecomTalk</strong> also recently reported the milestone of reaching <b>400,000</b> fixed internet users by <b>A1 Belarus</b> as part of its fiber expansion activity.</p>
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