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5G’s $27 Billion Boost to India’s GDP by 2030: GSMA

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In Short:

The GSM Association (GSMA) reported that India’s GDP could increase by $27 billion in 2030 with the widespread of 5G networks. They suggested making the 6 GHz spectrum available to telcos for 5G deployment. COAI and GSMA advocated for using the 6 GHz spectrum for 5G services as mid-band frequencies in India are limited. Telcos need at least 2 GHz of bandwidth in the mid-range frequencies for 5G. Close collaboration between government and mobile industry is needed for the full realization of India’s digital ambitions.

GSMA Report: 5G Contribution to India’s GDP

5g can contribute 27 billion to india

5G Networks Could Add $27 Billion to India’s GDP by 2030

The GSM Association (GSMA) has reported that the widespread adoption of 5G networks in India has the potential to contribute up to $27 billion to the country’s GDP by 2030. To achieve this, GSMA is advocating for the availability of the 6 GHz spectrum for telecom operators.

Importance of 6 GHz Spectrum for 5G Services

Currently, the 6 GHz spectrum has not been allocated for 5G use in India. Discussions are ongoing within the government on how to make this spectrum available. GSMA and COAI are pushing for the allocation of the 6 GHz spectrum to support 5G services as the existing mid-band frequencies are limited.

Telcos in India currently have access to frequencies in the 3.3 GHz to 3.67 GHz range for 5G deployment, but GSMA emphasizes the need for at least 2 GHz of bandwidth in the mid-range frequencies to effectively roll out 5G services.

Quote from GSMA’s Head of Spectrum

“India’s 5G momentum has gained global attention and respect. For it to continue, and for the full realization of the Indian government’s digital ambitions, a clear roadmap to deliver spectrum for growing mobile demand is needed. The upper 6 GHz band must be part of that roadmap and bringing it into commercial use will require close collaboration between government and the mobile industry,” said Luciana Camargos, Head of Spectrum for GSMA.

Utilizing 6 GHz Band for Better Coverage and Speed

The mid-band spectrum is crucial for providing both coverage and speed in 5G networks. Telcos are unable to deploy mmWave 5G due to cost constraints, making the 6 GHz band an ideal option for enhancing 5G services in India. This move is expected to further boost India’s GDP in the years to come.

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