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11 Million SIM Porting Requests Recorded in India in February 2024

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In Short:

Over 11.54 million mobile number portability requests were made in February 2024 in India, totaling 951.09 million requests overall. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has set rules to prevent misuse of MNP, including restrictions on porting within 90 days of activation. Despite high request numbers, not all customers follow through with porting. A projected 35 million MNP requests may be made in the Jan-March 2024 quarter.

Record 11.54 Million MNP Requests in India in February 2024

crore requests recorded in india to port

According to the data published by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), around 11.54 million or 1.15 crore MNP (mobile number portability) requests were made in February 2024. Out of the total requests, 6.54 million requests were made in Zone-1 and 4.99 million requests came from Zone-2.

Zones in India

Zone-1 includes Northern and Western India, while Zone-2 covers Southern and Eastern India.

After February, the cumulative recorded MNP requests in India reached 951.09 million. TRAI has implemented rules to prevent customers from misusing MNP. Customers who have recently ported or activated a new SIM within the last 90 days are not allowed to port to another operator.

In January 2024, 12.36 million or 1.23 crore MNP requests were recorded. It is important to note that not all MNP requests result in customers actually switching operators. Many times, customers make the request but decide to stay with their current operator.

Combined in January and February 2024, there have been 23.9 million MNP requests. If this trend continues in March 2024, it is expected that around 35 million MNP requests will be made in the first quarter of 2024.

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