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AI Scam Calls: Protecting Yourself and Detection Methods

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In Short:

Scammers are using AI technology to create fake audio of people’s voices and tricking individuals into sending money or personal information over the phone. Experts warn that these AI voice clones are becoming more convincing and difficult to detect. To stay safe, hang up and call back using a verified number, create a secret safe word with loved ones, ask personal questions, and avoid giving in to emotional appeals.

AI Voice Cloning Scam Alert

A recent scam tactic involves using artificial intelligence to create fake but convincing audio clips of people’s voices to trick individuals into sending money urgently. Scammers are leveraging advanced AI tools to imitate a loved one’s voice over the phone, leading victims to believe they are in a crisis situation.

How to Protect Yourself from AI Scam Calls

In light of this emerging threat, here are some expert tips to help you stay safe when receiving unexpected urgent calls:

Remember That AI Audio Is Hard to Detect

As AI-generated audio becomes more sophisticated, it is challenging to distinguish between a real person and a computer-generated voice. Traditional cues like pauses or latency may no longer be reliable indicators.

Hang Up and Call Back

Scammers can manipulate caller ID to make it appear as if the call is coming from a legitimate source. It is recommended to hang up and independently verify the caller’s identity before providing any sensitive information or funds.

Create a Secret Safe Word

Establishing a unique safe word with your loved ones can help verify their identity in uncertain situations. This code can serve as an additional layer of security when communicating over the phone.

Or Just Ask What They Had for Dinner

When in doubt, ask personal questions or discuss specific details that only the real person would know. This tactic can help confirm the authenticity of the caller and avoid falling for a scam.

Understand Any Voice Can Be Mimicked

AI technology can replicate voices with minimal audio samples, making it essential to be cautious about sharing personal information over the phone. Even your voicemail message could potentially be used to create a voice clone.

Don’t Give In to Emotional Appeals

Scammers often exploit emotions and create a sense of urgency to manipulate individuals into making rash decisions. It is crucial to maintain a critical mindset and refrain from acting impulsively in such situations.

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