Zimperium Mobile Threat Detection Available in Oracle Cloud

October 4, 2017

In recent weeks we have been discussing some of the ways Zimperium delivers mobile threat defense (MTD) at scale. As the only true enterprise-class MTD solution available, we take that role seriously.

So we are pleased to deliver another option for enterprises to implement mobile threat defense and take advantage of available infrastructure and resources. You can now host the Zimperium MTD platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Bringing the Zimperium platform to multiple clouds was inevitable. Enterprises are moving their apps to their clouds of choice, with security-focused and data intensive apps being no exception.

Our commitment to ensuring that Zimperium solutions meet the needs of the enterprise, in this case, means leveraging the scale, security and flexibility advantages of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host zConsole and support our enterprise EMM, SIEM and SSO integrations.

Enterprises can now gain the benefit of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown threats via the Zimperium platform while leveraging in Oracle Cloud. The availability of Zimperium in the Oracle Cloud will enable more customers to assess risk, proactively protect mobile devices, and analyze forensics enterprise-wide.

It’s worth taking a minute to put this into practical terms. In my discussion with security experts, the fact that really catches their attention is that, to date, across millions of protected mobile devices, Zimperium has detected a perfect 100 percent of zero-day mobile exploits without requiring an update.

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