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TRAI mandates upgraded reporting standards for base stations to boost QoS

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In Short:

TRAI has directed service providers to submit detailed information about Base Stations to improve quality of service and protect consumer interests. The new reporting format includes data like site location, type, technology, connectivity, and commissioning date. TRAI noted the importance of backhaul connectivity and the need for details on 5G sites. The regulator has revised the reporting format for timely submission within 21 days after each quarter.

TRAI Mandates Enhanced Reporting Standards for Base Stations to Improve QoS

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has updated the reporting standards for Base Stations to enhance the quality of service (QoS) provided to consumers. The new guidelines require access service providers to submit detailed information about Base Stations to TRAI, including site location, type, technology, frequency, backhaul connectivity, and commissioning date.

Strengthening Base Station Reporting

TRAI identified gaps in the existing reporting format, like the lack of details on commissioning/decommissioning dates, connectivity type for each Base Station, and information on 5G Base Stations and cells.

Importance of Detailed Data

Detailed data on the type of backhaul connectivity for Base Stations is crucial for assessing its impact on QoS. TRAI emphasized the significance of including information on 5G Base Stations and Cells to evaluate service quality accurately.

TRAI also highlighted issues in drop call rate (DCR) analysis, where a significant number of reported cases were categorized as “does not exist” (DNE), impacting data accuracy.

The regulator emphasized the need for accurate information on Base Stations’ operational status to ensure correct DCR coding.

Revised Reporting Format

TRAI has revised the format for Base Station details submission, now requiring telcos to provide specific details for each site within a locality, including Latitude and Longitude, instead of submitting data at a telecom circle level.

Immediate Implementation

Access Service Providers must adhere to the new reporting guidelines and submit Base Stations details within 21 days of each quarter’s end. The directive issued by TRAI on Friday is effective immediately.

Issued Guidelines

TRAI has issued strict guidelines for submitting Base Stations details, emphasizing the importance of filling all fields without leaving any blank. All operational Base Stations/cells within a quarter must be included in the data shared with TRAI.

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