Mobile Phones Production in India to Reach 500 Million in 2 years

February 17, 2016

globeIndia may reach production of 500 million units in next two years on the back of an incentive policy and availability of good talent as the country becoming a global hub for manufacturing of mobile phones, a top official of Department of Telecom (DoT) said.

In 2015, production of mobile phones in the country has already reached 100 million.

“The number of phones being manufactured was 10 million sometime back (now it has increased) to 100 million. The time has come when we will reach 500 million, may be in 2 years,” Telecom secretary JS Deepak said.

He added that apart from phones, the differential tariff is helping domestic manufacturers to get into other areas like medical electronics, consumer electronics as well as broadband equipment and set up boxes.

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