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Vodafone Idea in talks with Samsung for 4G, 5G vRAN; deploys gear in two circles

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In Short:

Vodafone Idea in active talks with Samsung for new 4G and 5G technologies like vRAN solution. Network trials ongoing in Chennai, Karnataka, and Bihar for expansion. Vi committed to expanding collaboration with Samsung for vRAN solution. Vi aims to enhance customer experience with better TCO through vRAN deployment. Vi also in talks with Ericsson for 5G gear. Open RAN pilot deployment with Mavenir underway for greater network efficiency.

Vodafone Idea in Talks with Samsung for vRAN Solutions

India’s third-largest telecom operator, Vodafone Idea, has been actively discussing new technologies with South Korea’s Samsung, specifically focusing on the virtualised Radio Access Network (vRAN) solution for 4G and 5G deployments.

Expanding 4G Footprint and Launching 5G Services

Vodafone Idea confirmed that the two companies have been engaged in network trials in Chennai for the past 12-18 months to expand the 4G footprint and prepare for the launch of 5G services.

Encouraged by the ongoing trials, Vodafone Idea has extended Samsung network equipment deployments in Karnataka and Bihar circles to fulfill its 5G Minimum Rollout Obligation with NSA vRAN architecture.

Commitment to Collaboration with Samsung

Vodafone Idea expressed its commitment to expanding collaboration with Samsung for the vRAN solution to leverage cloud benefits in the RAN domain.

Jagbir Singh, Chief Technical Officer at Vodafone Idea Limited, stated, “We are proud to demonstrate our leadership in next-generation radio solutions that can deliver an enhanced experience to our customers with better TCO.”

Vi’s Network Transformation and Collaboration

Vi sees a major role for hybrid architecture in delivering network-enhanced capabilities that will push new dimensions in radio architecture. Samsung has previously worked with Reliance Jio for the deployment of its 4G mobile network in India.

Vi is currently in talks with various network vendors, including Ericsson, to purchase 5G network gear.

Focus on vRAN Solutions

Vodafone Idea believes that the vRAN solution will bring greater flexibility, scalability, and resource efficiency to network management. It ensures quality, credibility, and robustness similar to traditional hardware-based equipment and covers a wide range of spectrums and technologies.

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