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Viavi unveils new developments in 6G and AI research

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In Short:

Viavi Solutions is making strides in 6G and AI research, focusing on creating a city-scale digital twin for 6G networks. Leveraging AI/ML technologies, Viavi is collaborating with Northeastern University to enhance RF propagation modeling. They have also introduced the concept of AI-Native Air Interface to address communication challenges and hardware limitations in wireless communications. This research aims to create networks that adapt to different environments and conditions.

VIAVI Introduces 6G City-Scale Digital Twin and AI-Native Air Interface Solutions

Viavi Solutions recently announced significant progress in 6G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) research as part of its 6G Forward Program. The company highlighted 6G as the first AI-native generation of wireless communications, emphasizing the importance of data sources like a 6G city-scale digital twin for training elements of the network such as the 6G AI-Native Air Interface.

6G City-Scale Digital Twin

Viavi is focusing on creating a city-scale digital twin for 6G networks by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies. Collaboration with Northeastern University’s Institute for Wireless Internet of Things and the Open6G cooperative research center is driving large-scale radio frequency propagation channel modeling using AI and ML. Key highlights of the research include enhanced RF propagation modeling with AI/ML, real-world measurement campaigns using Viavi Ranger rugged RF capture and playback instruments, and the inclusion of higher-layer KPIs to accurately model network conditions’ impact on application performance.

Ian Wong, from Viavi’s CTO Office, commented, “Our research collaboration with Northeastern University has led to breakthroughs in the use of AI/ML for radio propagation modeling. We believe this research is critical in enabling large-scale network digital twins, which Viavi is well positioned to deliver.”

6G AI-Native Air Interface (AI-AI)

Viavi has unveiled the concept of AI-Native Air Interface (AI-AI), signaling a transformation in communication technology development. This innovative approach aims to overcome communication challenges and hardware limitations, particularly in the physical layer of wireless communications. Viavi has developed its own receiver for neural receivers in an end-to-end test and training environment. The neural receiver, featuring AI-aided constellation design, is adaptable across various channel models, modulations, and conditions, making it suitable for practical systems.

Stephen Wang, Managing Director of Viavi Marconi Labs, stated, “Our 6G research offers solutions for networks to dynamically adapt to diverse environments and conditions. We are excited to collaborate with research labs and equipment manufacturers to accelerate the development of these technologies.”

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