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Verizon Prepares for Severe Weather Events Nationwide

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In Short:

Verizon is ready for any disaster like tornadoes and floods with year-round preparations. They do emergency drills, improve network infrastructure, and have resources ready for quick response. Verizon wants to keep communities, businesses, and first responders safe and connected. They have backup generators for most cell sites, portable assets nationwide, and satellite-based assets for backup connectivity. They also urge people to keep devices charged and have emergency plans.

Verizon Announces Preparedness for Severe Weather Events Across the Country
American wireless network operator Verizon has announced its preparedness to respond to severe weather events, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires, through year-round preparations. These preparations involve emergency drills, infrastructure enhancements, and resource staging for quick response. Verizon emphasizes that its readiness highlights its dedication to reliability, safety, and maintaining connectivity for communities, businesses, and first responders.

Verizon’s Preparedness Measures

“We know our customers rely on us to connect with loved ones or request help during extreme weather conditions, which is why we’ve ensured our network has top-tier resiliency and reliability,” said Verizon.

“Our team devotes significant time and resources to prepare for and test our responsiveness to emergencies. This ensures our staff and resources are ready for immediate deployment to aid in swift recovery efforts and keep customers connected.”

Primed Networks and Swift Response Teams

Verizon highlights that its network is designed with high resiliency and reliability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The company mentions that 79% of its macro cell sites have backup generators, and it has over 550 portable network assets strategically located nationwide for quick deployment. Moreover, Verizon has 200 satellite-based portable network assets to provide essential connectivity in situations where fiber connections are disrupted.

Individual Preparedness Tips

As part of its outreach, Verizon advises individuals to keep their devices dry and charged, have backup power sources, and stay informed through useful apps and emergency checklists.

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