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V.tal introduces second edge data center in Barranquilla: Report

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In Short:

V.tal, a Brazilian datacenter and fiber network company, has opened its second Edge data center in Barranquilla, Colombia called BDC2. The facility, with an investment of over USD 20 million, offers 3 MW of IT capacity. It will connect with the TAM-1 submarine fiber system, boosting connectivity in the region. V.tal also operates data centers in Brazil and plans for more facilities in the future.

V.tal Launches Second Colombian Edge Data Center in Barranquilla: Report
Brazilian datacenter and neutral fiber network owner V.tal has inaugurated its second Edge data center, known as BDC2 (or Chiva 2), in Barranquilla, Colombia. Located adjacent to V.tal’s first site, BDC2 was previously expected to go live by the end of 2023. The Brazilian datacenter and neutral fiber network company launched the Edge Data Center Facility this month, according to a BNamericas report.

V.tal’s BDC2 Facility

V.tal invested more than USD 20 million into the project. As previously updated by V.tal, the facility offers 3 MW of IT capacity and space for up to 200 racks after the completion of all its expansion phases. The facility is located adjacent to the existing facility BDC1 (Chiva 1), which offers 1 MW of capacity and space for 80 racks.

Connectivity in Barranquilla

The new facility is going live with Trans Americas Fiber System as a major customer. It will be landing its TAM-1 submarine fiber optic system at Chiva 2 in Barranquilla. With over 7,000 km, TAM-1 will connect Colombia with several countries with dozens of landing stations in its first phase. It is due to start service during the second half of 2025.

Just a few weeks back, V.tal, in a LinkedIn post, updated that the BDC2 data center will integrate with its connectivity ecosystem with the rest of the world. The company’s existing facility, BDC1, houses the CLS (Cable Landing Station) and the PIT (Punto de Intercambio de Trafico), operating as a connectivity hub for telecom operators and local and global internet, cloud, and content providers.

“Barranquilla is the city where Colombia exchanges data with the world and, therefore, consolidated itself as a strategic place to install a datacenter. At BDC2, we will offer colocation services, interconnection with content and cloud providers and other clients to exchange traffic, as well as access to all the services offered by V.tal in its terrestrial and submarine fiber optic network,” said V.tal in a statement.

V.tal Data Centers in Brazil

Currently, V.tal operates two data centers in Fortaleza and one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in addition to the Colombian facilities. The company has announced a new facility called V.OA in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, with an opening scheduled for the second half of 2024.

V.OA will be fully integrated with the company’s other 4 edge data centers (2 in Fortaleza, 1 in Rio de Janeiro, and 1 more in Barranquilla, Colombia), which connect with submarine cable arrival stations in the United States, Bermuda, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina to Chile and the terrestrial fiber optic network present in all Brazilian states.

The company also acquired land for a third site in Fortaleza, which will be its first hyperscale-focused data center. The facility called Mega Lobster is expected to be operating in 2025, as per the earlier announcements.


V.tal has over 20 million homes passed available for FTTH (Fiber To The Home), 430 thousand kilometers of ground-based optical fiber, connecting more than 2,300 municipalities in Brazil, and 26,000 kilometers of subsea cables that connect Brazil to Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Bermuda, and the United States, as well as edge data centers distributed between Brazil and Colombia.

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