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TRAI orders telcos to improve spam complaint process on app and web

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In Short:

To combat spamming, TRAI has mandated that telecom providers make complaint registration and preference management easier on their mobile apps and websites. Subscribers can choose to receive commercial messages from specific businesses and set preferences for timing and categories. Telcos must make complaint registration simple and populate essential details with user consent. TRAI has also enhanced complaints monitoring by requiring monthly reports instead of quarterly.

TRAI Directs Service Providers to Enhance User-Friendly Complaint Registration for Telecom Spam

In an effort to curb spamming through telecom channels, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed service providers to make their mobile apps and web portals more user-friendly for registering complaints.

TRAI has mandated Access Providers to ensure that options for UCC complaint registration and preference management are easily accessible on their mobile applications and websites, as per the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR) 2018. Subscribers can give consent to enterprises for commercial SMS or calls, with the ability to select preferences like categories of businesses, days of the week, and time of the day for receiving messages.

TRAI has asked telcos to simplify the complaint registration and preference management process, with essential details automatically populated if users grant permission to access their call logs and relevant data. Additionally, TRAI has strengthened the complaints monitoring system by changing the reporting cycle to monthly performance monitoring reports (PMRs) from the previous quarterly cycle.

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