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Top 4 Space Movies on Netflix to Add to Your Binge-Watch List

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In Short:

Netflix is adding more sci-fi movies about outer space to its collection for viewers who love space adventures. Some of the best space-themed films on Netflix include ‘Spaceman’, ‘Orbiter 9’, ‘Interstellar’, and ‘Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood’. These movies explore themes of exploration, loneliness, and human tenacity in the vast expanse of the cosmos. Viewers can expect an immersive cinematic experience with high IMDB ratings. Time to grab your popcorn and escape to the stars from home.

<b>Top 5 Space Films to Watch on Netflix and Add to Your Binge List</b>” width=”1200″ height=”800″><br />Netflix is consistently expanding its collection of sci-fi movies, catering to viewers with a passion for outer space. For those intrigued by the vastness of the cosmos, here are some top space-themed films available on Netflix that promise a thrilling escape into the unknown.</p>
<p>In the movie “<b>Spaceman</b>,” Adam Sandler portrays Jakub, a Czech astronaut embarking on a solo mission to investigate mysterious particles near Jupiter. Tackling loneliness and the guilt of leaving his pregnant wife (Carey Mulligan) behind on Earth, Jakub forms an unexpected bond with Hanuš, a spider-like creature on the spacecraft. Directed by Johan Renck, this sci-fi film offers a fresh take on exploration and solitude, with an IMDB rating of 5.8.</p>
<h2><b>Orbiter 9</b></h2>
<p>“<b>Orbiter 9</b>” is a captivating science-fiction drama directed by Hatem Khraiche, following Helena (Clara Lago), a lone astronaut who forms a connection with an engineer aboard a space pod headed for a distant colony. Revealing more about the plot would spoil the experience, but suffice it to say that this film is a blend of futuristic mystery and contemplation on humanity’s moral and existential fate. With an IMDB rating of 5.9, “<b>Orbiter 9</b>” promises an engaging cinematic journey.</p>
<p>In “<b>Interstellar</b>,” released in 2014, Matthew McConaughey portrays Cooper, a pilot assigned to find a new habitable planet for humans. As Cooper ventures into space, leaving his family on Earth, he faces a race against both the vastness of space and the relentless passage of time. With an impressive 8.7 IMDB rating, “<b>Interstellar</b>” is a timeless exploration of human resilience and cosmic wonder.</p>
<h2><b>Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood</b></h2>
<p>This intriguing animation, directed by Richard Linklater, offers a unique perspective on the space race, delving into the personal experiences of individuals during this historic period. Rather than just focusing on the moon landing, the film captures the daily lives of those impacted by the space race, providing insights into the excitement and awe felt by people worldwide as they witnessed history unfold. With a solid IMDB rating of 7.2, this film offers a nostalgic and educational journey through a significant moment in human history.</p>
<p>With a variety of stellar options and matching IMDB ratings, Netflix’s space film selection promises an extraordinary binge-watching experience for viewers seeking cosmic adventures.</p>
<p>So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready for a journey to the stars from the comfort of your own home.</p>
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