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Telecom Egypt tests 50G PON tech with ZTE in trial

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In Short:

Telecom Egypt and ZTE have successfully tested 50G PON technology at MWC Barcelona 2024, achieving ultra-fast access rates up to 43.90 Gbps downlink and 21.10 Gbps uplink. This advancement will enhance home broadband networks and expand services like virtual reality and telehealth in Africa. The collaboration between Telecom Egypt and ZTE aims to further deploy this technology in Egypt for network evolution.

Telecom Egypt Trials 50G PON Technology With ZTE
Telecom Egypt, in collaboration with ZTE, has announced the successful trial and testing of 50G PON technology at MWC Barcelona 2024. The system has demonstrated ultra-fast access rates of up to 43.90 Gbps downlink and 21.10 Gbps uplink, compatible with XGS-PON and GPON technologies, facilitating the smooth evolution of FTTx, according to an official statement by ZTE.

Telecom Egypt and ZTE Collaboration

It is reported that the 50G PON technology will not only improve home broadband networks but also expand to various services such as virtual reality, cloud services, telehealth, and intelligent manufacturing. Telecom Egypt views this technology trial as a significant step towards shaping Africa’s digital future.

Ultra-Fast Broadband Access

The joint statement emphasizes that the successful trial and testing of 50G PON will pave the way for its broader deployment in Egypt. Telecom Egypt and ZTE are committed to advancing network evolution in Egypt.

Telecom Egypt and Huawei Collaboration

During MWC 2024, Telecom Egypt also revealed the completion of the 50G PON trial in Africa, marking it as the first in Africa in partnership with Huawei.

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