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Tele2 Latvia Invests EUR 900,000 in New App for Customer Service

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In Short:

Tele2 Latvia is investing EUR 900,000 to develop a customer-centric mobile application that meets digital accessibility standards. With 1 million user sessions on its digital platforms, the telco aims to make it easier for customers to access information and manage services through their mobile phones. The company is also focused on modernizing its mobile network, with EUR 20 million allocated for network upgrades and 5G technology deployment.

Tele2 Latvia Announces EUR 900,000 Investment in New Customer Service App
Tele2 Latvia has announced an investment of EUR 900,000 in the development of a new customer service mobile application. This initiative is part of the company’s efforts to enhance its digital environment and provide customers with an efficient way to interact with the company.

Customer-Centric Mobile Application

The telco emphasized the importance of improving its digital environment to meet the increasing customer demand for easy access to information and services. With over 1 million user visits to its digital platforms, including the homepage, self-service portal, and mobile app, Tele2 Latvia aims to create a user-friendly mobile application that adheres to digital accessibility standards.

“More than 70 percent of our customers rely on digital channels, particularly mobile phones, to access information and manage services. This investment will focus on enhancing the mobile app to offer customers a seamless experience in service management, communication with the company, and device purchases with interest-free payment options,” stated Tele2 Latvia.

In addition to the mobile app development, the company is also working on artificial intelligence solutions to improve customer navigation within the digital environment, enhancing the speed and accuracy of information delivery.

Furthermore, Tele2 Latvia has allocated EUR 20 million for the development of its mobile network, including modernization efforts and the deployment of 5G technology. The telco is currently upgrading one 4G base station and installing a new 5G base station daily as part of its network modernization plan.

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