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Swisscom’s Network Transformation to Smarten Up

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In Short:

Swisscom, a telecom provider in Switzerland, is extending its partnership with Ericsson to transform its network into a smart one. This aims to enhance customer experience, focus on sustainability, and introduce technological advancements such as automation and AI. The partnership will also prepare the network for 5G and improve energy efficiency. Additional companies like Extreme Networks and Dell Technologies will contribute to the network improvements.

Swisscom to Transform Its Network Into a Smart Network
Switzerland’s leading telecommunications provider, Swisscom, has announced plans to upgrade its network into a smart network through an extended partnership with Ericsson for the next three years. This collaboration will involve Ericsson supplying hardware and software to Swisscom to enhance customer experience and further develop the mobile network, with a focus on sustainability. It is important to note that Swisscom‘s network already operates on renewable energy sources.

Smart Network Vision

Swisscom stated, “We are excited to take the next step in our partnership with Ericsson to transform Switzerland’s top network into its smartest. This transformation will not only improve customer experience but also emphasize sustainability and innovation.”

Technological Advancements

Through automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and increased innovation, Swisscom aims to modernize its network, as mentioned in a recent press release.

The extended agreement will focus on innovation, performance, and energy efficiency, introducing Ericsson’s Dual-band Radio 4490 and RAN processor to support all technologies from a single box and enable real-time AI processing.

Prepare for Standalone 5G

Swisscom plans to deploy Massive MIMO Radios at numerous sites over the next three years to expand mid-band TDD coverage. With spectrum refarming to New Radio (NR), the telco is gearing up for 5G Standalone (SA) to introduce new services.

Sustainability Focus

The partnership will also bring improvements through the introduction of Ericsson’s Cloud Native Infrastructure Solution (CNIS) to support telecom applications and enable software upgrades during operation. Additionally, telecom partners like Extreme Networks and Dell Technologies will contribute components and infrastructure to enhance the solution.

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