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Swisscom opts for Genesys Cloud for AI-driven customer service and sustainability efforts

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In Short:

Swisscom, the largest telecom provider in Switzerland, is now using Genesys’ cloud platform for customer contact service to enhance customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and sustainability. By moving to the Genesys Cloud platform, Swisscom aims to innovate customer and employee experiences. Genesys provides cloud services through Amazon Web Services in Zurich to meet local data privacy requirements. Swisscom is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035 and reducing its carbon footprint by transitioning to Genesys Cloud.

Swisscom Chooses Genesys Cloud for AI-Powered Customer Service and Sustainability
Software company Genesys has announced that Swisscom, a telecommunications provider in Switzerland, is now using its cloud platform for its customer contact service. By evolving to the Genesys Cloud platform, Swisscom has accelerated customer and employee experience innovation while furthering its corporate sustainability objectives, Genesys said.

Moving Customer Service to Cloud

Swisscom, the largest telecommunications provider in Switzerland, offers mobile, internet, and TV services, as well as comprehensive IT and digital services. The Swiss operator has been a long-standing on-premises customer of Genesys and is now moving its contact center to the cloud to improve customer satisfaction, empower its agents to be more efficient and effective, and support its sustainability initiatives.

Genesys provides its cloud using the Amazon Web Services Europe (Zurich) Region, launched at the end of 2023. This enables more businesses in Switzerland to benefit from cloud services while meeting requirements for compliance with local data privacy regulations, Genesys said.

Enhanced Agent Efficiency

As part of its transformation, Swisscom will use Genesys Cloud AI capabilities to empower its human agents. The Genesys Cloud platform offers AI-powered solutions like Agent Assist and Predictive Routing, empowering Swisscom’s agents to deliver faster resolutions to customer queries by providing timely and accurate information.

Furthermore, Swisscom is collaborating with Genesys to develop a Swiss-German language model, enhancing personalized service delivery in the voice channel.

Sustainability Commitment

Swisscom is committed to becoming net-zero for the entire Swisscom Group according to SBTi by 2035 and aims to save 1 million tons of CO2 annually by 2025. Moving from an on-premises solution to Genesys Cloud will help Swisscom significantly lower its carbon footprint for more than 1,800 concurrent agents using the platform.

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