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Sateliot set to deploy four new satellites, transitioning to commercial phase

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In Short:

Spain’s Sateliot is launching four new satellites with SpaceX this year, adding to the two already in space. This marks the beginning of their commercial phase, connecting millions of IoT devices. They will start billing over EUR 187 million with customers in 50+ countries, aiming for EUR 500 million revenue by 2027 and EUR 1 billion by 2030. Sateliot launched its first 5G LEO satellite in April 2023, part of a 250 satellite constellation. The company secured EUR 13.5 million in funding, enabling further technological advancements and the full deployment of their constellation by 2027/2028. CEO Jaume Sanpera believes they are at the forefront of the New Space revolution.

Sateliot to Launch Four New Satellites, Entering Commercial Phase
Exciting news from the skies! Sateliot, our favorite satellite operator from Spain, is gearing up to send four shiny new satellites into space this year, all thanks to SpaceX. These four newcomers will join the two already zooming around the Earth, marking the start of Sateliot’s commercial phase, announced by the company on a Friday with a twinkle in their satellite’s eye. The goal? Connecting a whopping 7 million IoT (Internet of Things) devices. How cool is that?

Billing Plan

But wait, there’s more! In addition to this stellar news, Sateliot also shared their plan to kickstart billing for EUR 187 million worth of binding orders from over 350 customers spread across 50 countries globally. These recurrent revenues are expected to scale up to reach EUR 500 million by 2027, with an ambitious mission to hit the coveted one billion revenue mark by 2030. Talk about reaching for the stars!

LEO Satellite Constellation

Remember when TelecomTalk reported about Sateliot launching their first 5G standard LEO satellite, “The GroundBreaker,” back in April 2023? It was the beginning of a grand plan – a massive 250 LEO satellite constellation, designed to seamlessly transition users from terrestrial to non-terrestrial 5G networks. Talk about revolutionizing connectivity, right in the palms of your hands!


The financial gears are also turning for Sateliot, with a cool EUR 13.5 million secured in funding over the past year. From EUR 6 million from Banco Santander’s High-Growth Enterprise Program to EUR 5 million from a convertible note and a final EUR 2.5 million from Avancsa, the public company’s participative loan – every penny is fueling Sateliot’s journey towards technological greatness. The upcoming Series B round will further propel their growth, paving the way for the full constellation deployment by 2027/2028. Sky’s the limit!

Technological Advancements

Wondering what these new satellites will be like? Imagine four CubeSats, each measuring 20 x 10 x 35 centimeters – about the size of a microwave! Weighing in at 10 kilograms each, these space buddies will hover at altitudes between 500 and 600 kilometers, with a lifespan of five years covering 100% of our beloved planet. Innovation at its finest!

And as Jaume Sanpera, the CEO and co-founder of Sateliot, proudly proclaims, “We’re embarking on a new journey, technologically and commercially. It’s a giant leap towards becoming the first IoT constellation operating globally under the 5G standard. Get ready to witness Spain leading the charge in the New Space revolution!”

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