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Report: Apple to Integrate AI into Macs with M4 Chips

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In Short:

Apple, a popular tech company, plans to introduce M4 chips to its Macs to enhance AI capabilities. The M3 chip was launched in 2023 with the MacBook Pro and later with the MacBook Air in 2024. Apple is said to be working on M4 chips, expected to be announced for MacBook Pro models in fall 2024. Rumors of this development have boosted Apple’s stock market value by 4.3%.

Apple plans to introduce AI-powered M4 chips for Macs

apple planning to infuse ai on its

Apple, a global tech company, is gearing up to incorporate the capabilities of AI (artificial intelligence) into its Macs with the upcoming M4 chips. Previously, Apple introduced the M3 silicon chip for Macs with the launch of the new MacBook Pro – 14 and 16-inch models in 2023. In March 2024, Apple brought the regular M3 chips for its MacBook Air 13 and 15-inch models.

Enhancing AI experience with M4 chips

Apple has dubbed the M3 chip-powered MacBooks as the ‘World’s Best Consumer Laptop for AI’ on its blog. With the introduction of M4 chips, Apple aims to elevate the AI experience for users, as per industry expectations.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is currently in the process of developing the M4 chips. The M4 Pro chip is anticipated to be unveiled for the MacBook Pro 14 and 16-inch models, similar to the launch of the M3 Pro chip. Apple is likely to enhance the chip’s capabilities to handle more intricate and demanding AI tasks. The company is expected to introduce the M4 chip in the fall of 2024, followed by M4 chips for the MacBook Air in 2025.

Market response and impact

The speculations of Apple delving deeper into AI technology have had a positive effect on the company’s stock, with a 4.3% increase in market capitalization, translating to about $112 billion.

AI has emerged as a significant trend in the tech industry, showcasing its potential to benefit various sectors beyond technology. Companies like NVIDIA and Intel have witnessed considerable market value growth by offering AI products to customers.

It’s important to note that Apple has not officially confirmed the arrival of M4 chips yet. The M4-powered Macs are likely to be unveiled by Apple in October or November of this year.

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