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RBI governor Das sees Indian economy heading towards 8% growth consistently

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In Short:

Mumbai: Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das stated that the Indian economy is on the brink of significant growth at 8%. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the 4% inflation target to sustain this growth, warning that any wrong move could hurt progress. Das highlighted the need for clear focus on inflation and reassured that the economy is not slowing down, with private sector investments increasing, and a moderate current account deficit is desirable.

Indian Economy Poised for 8% Growth, Warns RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das

Hey there, folks! Some exciting news on the economic front – Reserve Bank of India governor **Shaktikanta Das** has stated that the Indian economy is on the cusp of a major structural shift, gearing up towards an 8% growth rate on a consistent basis. However, he also cautioned that any misstep in monetary policy could potentially hamper this growth trajectory.

Defense of Monetary Policy Decision

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce, Das defended the monetary policy committee’s choice to maintain the 4% inflation target. He emphasized the importance of steering clear of policy errors, especially when it comes to inflation management.

Policy Interest Rate Unchanged

The MPC recently decided to keep the policy interest rate steady at 6.5% for the eighth consecutive time, citing concerns about inflationary pressures.

Inflation vs. Growth

Das underscored the need for a steadfast focus on curbing inflation, asserting that any deviation from this goal could impede economic growth. Drawing parallels to a game of chess, he highlighted the potential consequences of a single wrong move in the battle against inflation.

Economic Insights

Despite the challenges, Das remains optimistic about the Indian economy, noting a noticeable uptick in private sector capital expenditure, particularly in sectors like cement and steel. He emphasized the importance of driving growth across multiple sectors to sustain economic momentum.

In the previous financial year, the Indian economy expanded by an impressive 8.2%, with the RBI projecting a 7.2% GDP growth for the current fiscal year.

Additionally, Das mentioned that a moderate current account deficit (CAD) is deemed favorable. Notably, India recorded a CAD surplus of $5.7 billion, equivalent to 0.6% of GDP in the March quarter – a stark contrast to the deficits reported in previous quarters.

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