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Rakuten Mobile and Radcom Renew Partnership, Introduce AI Analytics

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In Short:

Rakuten Mobile has extended its partnership with Radcom to utilize AI-powered analytics for proactive network management. This collaboration will help maintain service quality and streamline network operations. The use of Radcom ACE’s cloud-native solution will automate telco workflows for real-time anomaly detection and seamless updates without downtime. This will ensure efficient network monitoring and top-quality services for customers.

Rakuten Mobile Renews Collaboration with Radcom, Introduces AI-Powered Analytics
Japanese telecommunications company Rakuten Mobile has renewed its multi-year collaboration with Radcom. This means the vendor will continue to provide current solution offerings, and the collaboration will include artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics such as anomaly detection and automated root cause analysis.

Leveraging AI for Proactive Network Management

Rakuten Mobile will use the new tools to maintain quality of service and drive efficient network operations and network automation monitoring as the AI-driven solution proactively identifies and prevents degradations, Radcom said in an official release this week.

Radcom expressed, “Our advanced, innovative assurance solution allows Rakuten Mobile to leverage the power of AI/ML insights to gain end-to-end visibility across their network and drive automation to ensure an unparalleled focus on service quality, fast detection of potential issues, and efficient network operations.”

“We’re excited to expand our collaboration to include AI-driven service and network analytics critical for monitoring our customer experiences in real-time,” said Rakuten Mobile.

Seamless Updates and Continuous Monitoring

Radcom ACE, the cloud-native solution, applies advanced AI/machine learning-based analytics to automate telco-specific workflows and provide real-time anomaly detection across various services, from roaming to VoLTE and video streaming.

Radcom further explained that the deployment of Radcom ACE’s container-based cTap ensures efficient load-balancing and traffic management, while its automated Continuous Development/Continuous Integration (CI/CD) software development pipeline guarantees seamless updates without downtime. This ensures round-the-clock monitoring and top-quality services for mobile customers.

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