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Out Android’s Latest Theft Protection Features: Stay Updated!

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In Short:

Google has released Android 15 Beta 2, focusing on theft protection features. New features include automatic locking when stolen, using machine learning to detect theft, and requiring Google credentials to factory reset or disable important security features. These features will be available for Android devices running Android 10 or newer through Google Play Services, ensuring a safer experience for users.

android is getting new theft protection features

Google has initiated the rollout of Android 15 Beta 2 for various devices. One significant aspect of this update is the introduction of new theft protection features. Similar to Apple, Google is enhancing its theft protection capabilities to secure Android devices effectively. These features include device locking in case of loss or theft, location tracking to aid in device recovery, and more. Let’s delve into the details of the new theft protection features that Google is introducing for Android users.

Google Android Theft Protection Features: All the New Ones Explained

The latest theft protection features from Google will automatically lock the device when theft is detected. Android will utilize a machine learning model to identify suspicious movements indicating a possible theft, such as sudden snatching of the phone. This feature will leverage the accelerometer and gyroscope to analyze motions associated with theft scenarios. Users may expect occasional false positives where the device locks erroneously.

It is important to note that theft protection will not be exclusive to Android 15 but will extend to all Android devices running Android 10 or higher through Google Play Services updates.

Additionally, new security measures prevent a thief from factory resetting the device without the user’s Google credentials. Any attempts to disable features like ‘Find My Device’ or extend screen timeouts will also require user authentication, enhancing overall device security.

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