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Orange partners with Augtera Networks for AI-powered network operations

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In Short:

Orange is integrating Augtera Network’s AI platform into its Network Operating Center tools to use AI/ML in daily network operations after a successful two-year trial across various networks. The integration aims to reduce daily alarms by 70% by streamlining operations and focusing on genuine incidents. The implementation will start in April 2024 and be completed by the end of 2024 in Orange Global Networks.

Orange Teams up With Augtera Networks for AI-Driven Network Operations

Orange has announced a collaboration with Augtera Networks to incorporate the Network Artificial Intelligence platform into its Network Operating Center (NOC) tools. This move aims to utilize AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) in daily network operations. The French telco group revealed that following a two-year production trial across various Orange networks, such as the French Backbone, Orange Global Network, and SD-WAN Network, the decision was made based on the technical capabilities and business value of AI/ML for multiple use cases.

Trial Results and Benefits

Orange stated that by integrating Augtera’s platform, a 70 percent reduction in daily alarms can be achieved by the NOC team. Through Augtera’s network topology knowledge-based auto-correlation, Orange aims to streamline operations, enabling experts to focus on genuine incidents and proactive measures, enhancing customer experience.

Implementation Timeline

The integration is set to commence in April 2024 and is scheduled to be fully implemented by the end of 2024 within Orange Global Networks, spanning thousands of IP routers in 800 Points of Presence across 100 countries.

Technical Integration Details

“Augtera is seamlessly integrated with Orange International Networks in Orange Private Cloud to gather network topology and related data. Machine learning models are developed using Orange data by Augtera Network AI platform on-premises through unsupervised and online learning. These models encompass anomaly detection on metrics, logs, and auto-correlation based on auto-discovered network topology,” as per the official release.

Reflecting on the two-year evaluation period, Orange emphasized the positive outcomes observed in various production environments. With a focus on efficiency and predictability in operations, the decision to integrate Augtera with existing NOC tools signifies a step towards transformative processes.

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