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OPPO Find X7 Ultra now compatible with 5.5G network

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In Short:

OPPO has rolled out a software update for its Find X7 Ultra flagship device, enabling support for 5.5G connectivity (5G-Advanced). This comes after China Mobile launched the 5G-A network. The Find X7 series is the first to support this tech. The 5.5G network offers 10 Gbps download speeds, low latency, and IoT device support, enhancing the overall network experience for users. Other manufacturers may soon follow suit.

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<h2>OPPO Find X7 Ultra Enables Support for 5.5G Connectivity</h2>
<p><b>OPPO</b>, a prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has introduced support for 5.5G connectivity for its flagship device, <b>OPPO Find X7 Ultra</b>. This update, named PHY110_14.0.1.512/CN01, marks the device’s compatibility with 5G-Advanced technology. The launch aligns with the recent deployment of 5G-A network by <b>China Mobile</b> on March 28, 2024. Users of the Find X7 Ultra can now access 5.5G network services post the installation of the latest software update, provided they are within the coverage area.</p>
<h2>Unveiling the Advancement for Find X7 Ultra</h2>
<p>The <b>OPPO Find X7</b> series becomes the pioneer in offering support for this advanced technology across all models. Additionally, <b>OPPO</b> has introduced the <b>Find X7 Ultra Satellite Communication edition</b>, enabling users to engage in two-way satellite calls, a feature yet to be seen on iPhone’s satellite technology.</p>
<h2>Enhancing Network Experience with 5.5G</h2>
<p>5.5G represents a significant leap forward in network capabilities, offering 10 Gbps download speeds, minimal latency in the millisecond range, and compatibility with numerous IoT devices. This upgrade assures a superior experience for activities like gaming, streaming, and downloading large files on the Find X7 Ultra. While currently limited to China, the widespread adoption of 5.5G is anticipated soon, prompting speculation about its integration by other <b>OEMs</b> in the near future.</p>
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